Cassie is back! One of our all time favorite faces she brightens our day with her smiles and cheerful upbeat personality. Cassie is a singer by trade, or a “Pop Diva” but enjoys spending time in the modeling arena as well. You can check out her music videos for “Almost Lover” and “I Kno, You Kno” to hear her sweet pipes.



Why are you so passionate about the modeling and music industry? Music is in my soul. I grew up with my dad and his band playing in our small trailer. Modeling happened by accident actually. Shooting photos for one of my singles, I fell in love with it. 10 years later.

What is your biggest fear? I have a horrible fear of losing people I love. I’m always worried about everyone.

How does it feel to be a MOLL Mag cover after all these years from when you first submitted to us back in 2011? It’s a pretty cool thing after so many years of seeing it grow.

Dream photo-shoot? I would love to go to Greece and shoot on their beaches. It is so beautiful there!

Inspirational artist that drive you forward in your music ? Justin Timberlake is pretty incredible. His music is so great and he has managed to stay relevant and successful after his boy band years.

If you could speak to the whole world for a moment what would your message to everyone be? Please stop all of the hate. The senseless killing and close mindedness isn’t getting us anywhere.

Any NYE resolutions? I never do NYE Resolutions, ever.

What do you consider your best features? I would have to say my eyes or my legs.

A piece of advice for aspiring models and singers? People are going to be very negative and mean spirited along the way. Keep your head down and just push through. Those who can’t do, judge. Remember that!

Your most recent life changing moment? I had my son in late 2012 and it changed my entire life. He’s the most incredible little guy.

The thing you hold most dearest...My family. Time is so limited on this Earth and you never realize how fragile life is until it’s gone.

Any tales from photo-shoots you want to share? Funny, weird, ect? I once tripped over a light…busted my lip. Cute, huh?

What do you consider your biggest career accomplishments? I won Babe of the Year 2013 for Buffalo Trace Bourbon and I also won one of twelve spots in the national calendar search for Wild Turkey American Honey 2012.

Lastly, anything else you want to add? Thanks to my fans and to the MOLL Magazine team.