Mia Bella is Ooh La Laa of the Month for February 2014.  She is from Pittsburgh, PA and has taken the steps towards modeling as a way of self expression (of course the extra bucks don’t hurt). This lovely Latina is one to watch!



Current occupation? I have been doing some modeling and promo work.

What are your aspirations? I aspire to one day become well known for my modeling career. I would like to go far with Playboy and  make it onto the cover. Another aspiration of mine would to one day be on a reality TV show. I have a strong personality and  believe I would make for great entertaining television. When it comes to inspiring aspirations, I want to show women that when life  throws you curves to take them, defeat them and turn them into positives. Let those trials mold you into a more positive person  than you were before.

What motivates you? Individuals who don’t believe in me or those who dislike me.

What do you enjoy about modeling? The art of posing and transforming yourself into different “characters” for different themed shoots. You can be whoever you want to be in front of the camera. I enjoy surprising my friends and fans with new modeling shoots I have done.

How did you start? My mother got me started. She has modeled since she was in her 20’s. My mom still does print work and extra work for movies in Pittsburgh.

Who is your idol? Why? I would have to say my mother and father. Besides my parents, all of those in life who have overcame obstacles in life and turned them into positives.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Would you still like to be modeling? I would love to be living in LA and doing work for Playboy. I would definitely still like to be modeling.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No, however I do believe in “Lust” at first sight. When it comes to love, love itself is much more than just the outer shell of a person. In my opinion you can only fall in love with someone after getting to know their inner core.

Ideal perfect date? My ideal perfect date would be something meaningful & romantic. Either we could make dinner together or I’d cook a traditional Italian meal (I love all things Italian!). We would end our night by drinking wine and feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries while getting to know each other more intimately by the fire.

Do you like to stay in at home or go out for night on the town? I enjoy both.

Favorite musicians? My father. He’s a well known bass guitarist in Pittsburgh.

Special talents? I believe my talents are dancing, entertaining, making others laugh.

What do you think about when your posing? “Relax your face, Mia!” (hehehe)

Your favorite part about shooting with your photographer who shot these photos? Oh my goodness, EVERYTHING. From the level of comfortably, to the great energy he had…just everything. I was beyond overjoyed when I saw the results.

Describe yourself in 3 words.. Passionate, Humorous and Strong Minded

Photos: Brian Hanna