Many submit but there can only be one, meet our MOLL Babe of the month for June 2014. Originally from Edmonton, Siera Torontow was a finalist of the 2013 Miss Universe Canada.

What was it like running for 2013 Miss Universe Canada? That always seems to be the first question I get asked when I do an interview. Ha ha… In one word? Stimulating. It was an experience I’ll always remember. Until 2013 I was never part of the pageant world, it was a new experience. Pageants offer a unique environment to learn and develop interpersonal skills. Getting “prettied-up” every morning, wearing the heels, the lashes, the lipstick, at 6 am for the competition was out of my comfort zone. I’m more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl; in saying that, the girls were amazing (teaching me beauty tricks and tips and having a lot of laughs along the way!) The pageant really captured my interest in modeling and launched my involvement in this industry.

What are you currently doing living in AU? Loving life!! I couldn’t handle the winters in Canada anymore. I was meant to live by the beach and have a few tan lines! I get to go for a run beside the ocean every morning, go scuba diving every weekend. Lifestyle is very important to me. Oh ya.. and I work occasionally ha ha.


How is your modeling career this year?  I’m planning on competing in bikini competitions (WBFF & INBF) at the beginning of 2015 in Australia. Immigrating to a new country is harder than most people think. Getting myself sorted with work, and meeting new people has been my main focus. Referring strictly to modeling, there’s definitely something around the corner… stay tuned!

Where have we seen you as a model? I’m fairly new to this game… only a year experience under my belt. I’m constantly learning and making new connections. I made the top 100 for Status Fitness Magazine and got to shoot with many pro’s (Michael Abrams included!!) at the International Bikini Model Search in Cancun.

You have traveled a lot, can you please share your worldly experiences? Travel is definitely a passion of mine. I have explored over 25 countries so far… and I’m not stopping there!! Anywhere I can get a bit of an adrenaline rush or try some yummy food is on my “to do” list. And traveling allows me to have a few good stories up my sleeve – shooting guns in Cambodia, sky diving in New Zealand, riding motorcycles through Thailand, or hitch-hiking in Portugal… to name a few!