#MODELMONDAY is back and today’s #MOLLBabe of the Day is the lovely Brittany Gogol from Calgary, AB.

Brittany is currently #1 in the Playboy Miss Social of the Year 2015 contest and would love for you to join her team. A self described social butterfly who likes to meet new friends, take photos and go to fun events. She has been promotional modeling for many years now and says ” this contest has really given me a chance to do more of the things I love and continue to grow as a model and as a person.”

Hometown: Calgary, AB
What I enjoy most about being a woman:
I love being a woman and PBMS really focuses on confidence, body image, sexuality, fun and femininity! I enjoy all of these parts about being a woman and am so happy to be able to share this. I also love the fun things like doing my makeup, hair and picking out cute dresses and shoes!
Things that I love:
I love my family and friends, food, being happy, the sun, smiling and laughing! I love to go to fun events such as sporting events like Super Bowl, festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Centre of Gravity and events within my community such as summer festivals! I really love to go out for dinners, cook and enjoy good food. I love to participate in fun fitness classes and marathons and stay fit and active. 
People would say I am: 
Bubbly, giggly, energetic, loving, honest, caring and hard working.
My plans for 2016: 
My plan for is to continue to work hard and focus on my career goals and to continue being happy and doing the things I love! I’m excited for what 2016 has in store for me! I plan on running more marathons, and traveling to some neat places, I’m really interested in travelling to the wonders of the world, and definitely go back to my favourite place, Vegas! 
Tell us about why you want to win PBMSOY?
I want to win PBMSOY because this contest is everything that I’m passionate about. This title means so much to me and I really feel I’m the perfect girl to be PBMSOY2015! I love being social, taking photos, attending fun events and meeting new people. To be Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year would be such a huge accomplishment. This has been such an incredible experience for me and I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to meet such amazing people and have such a great opportunity. I hope I can continue my journey in the Playboy family and become PBMSOY2015!
How can people vote for you?
People can vote for me by going to 
Additionally, people are able to help me on social networking such as Twitter (BrittyGogol), facebook (Britty Gogol), Instagram (BrittyGogol) and also check out my new video channel on YouTube (Brittany Gogol). I really, really appreciate everyone’s help! 

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