Our duel Misses July’s for MOLLBabes have fun with a little one on one question and answer action!

Raina interviews Stacey

What is it like behind the scenes being in a band?  Endless! And I love it! Songs to work on, scheduling, rehearsal, equipment maintenance, performance, set-up, tear-down…I really love it, though, & any time I step away from it, I really feel incomplete.

What is your personal favorite branch of science? It depends on my mood that day, lol, I tend to be starry-eyed and dreamy and fall in love with constellations and astronomy, and also love anything to do with energy, electricity, frequency & sound waves…
What is your favorite part about lingerie modeling? Getting to play dress-up!
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Living on a tour bus, shooting, dazzling people with my wit, lol
What would you consider the perfect life for yourself? My life feels perfect now in a lot of ways. I’m happy playing & shooting, I am always striving to improve. Really, I love to be surrounded by people that I can be creative and fun with!

Stacey interviews Raina

We have had some fun conversations about science, and you are particularly interested in neuroscience & chemistry, what path do you hope to follow by studying these subjects? I want to go to school for neuroscience for 10 years, study chemistry for at least 4. Those are huge dreams, but they mean the world to me! Not sure what path I will take after or during that, but I’ll make sure it’s a fun and interesting one 🙂
Do you have any daily habits that you have developed to help your modeling career? I work out abs after every meal, I find myself staring at pictures of others girls a lot trying to figure out what makes them stand out!
Name a song you have heard countless times & never get tired of: Light My Fire by The Doors
What is you dream girl’s night out? Some humor, some drinks, and style of course! 
What inspires you to model? Well, I do it for myself, but others encourage me to keep going
Bonus Questions: When do we get a lunch date??? 😉 I’m usually free Sundays 🙂