Tell us about yourself:  My name is Brittany, I am a full time Makeup artist and Part time Model, I have a beautiful Daughter who is 2 years old and she is my everything. I love to travel the world and explore the most exciting places the world has to offer.


A quote that defines you: Live life to the fullest because it only happens once

Where are you from? Originally from Lismore NSW Australia

What is your occupation? Makeup artist and Part time Model

What nationality are you? Italian and English

What does it feel like seeing yourself in a magazine? Such an Amazing feeling so surreal


How did you get into the whole modeling scene? Just started taking some photos with a photographer and built up my portfolio and submitted it into agencies

What is your favorite part about modeling? I love getting my hair and makeup done and standing in front of the camera and being confident in me and seeing how amazing the images turn out it’s a real confident boost and I love that feeling

Describe yourself in one sentence? I’m a Confident, happy outgoing person

When you’re not modeling, what do you do with your free time? I love doing makeup, spending time with my daughter and travelling

If you weren’t a model what would you be? An Actress

What are the advantages of being a model? Getting to wear amazing clothes and designer labels

Do you collect anything? Snow globes from places I’ve been around the world

In what way has your world view evolved? As I get older I see that life is too short to have any second guesses you need to believe that you can achieve your goals and chase your dreams


What movie can you quote word by word? Tangled because my daughter makes me watch it every day

Where have you traveled to? I’ve traveled all around the world but my favorite would be America

Who was your first celebrity crush? Zac Efron

Quick Fire Questions

My motto: Live life to the fullest
Turn ons: Nice teeth and fit body
Turn offs: Lying and negative personalities
The way I see it: Life is too short for second guesses work hard and follow your dreams
#1 goal for 2016: To progress in my modeling Career
Parting words: Thank you for taking the time to read about my life, follow me on Instagram to keep updated


HMUA: Cassandra Weatherstone
Fashion Stylist: Lisa Watson
Creative Director/Executive Producer: Sylvia Hecimovic
Lighting Specialist and Photographer’s Assistant: Paul Fioretto

Photographer: Vincent Gotti of Vincent Gotti Photography (
Lingerie Provided by: Axami
Shot on Location in Darling Point, Sydney NSW Australia


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