Tell us about yourself:
I am an actress, brand ambassador/ marketing manager, dancer ( ballet, jazz, hiphop ,ballroom and gogo) and a model (fashion , runway and glamour)


ParWhere are you from?
I am from the US. I grew up moving around a great deal, but I currently live in Atlanta , GA and Miami, FL


Things that I love:
FOOD haha I LOVE to cook food, but I also love to write and design . I adore playing sports like archery and football and I like playing video games.


What do you consider your best assets?
I think my best assets are my intellectuality and my drive. I’d be a great asset to the right person or company, but if we’re talking looks-wise I like my eyes, legs and above all…my smile.


Teams I cheer for :
FLORIDA GATORS!!!! and The Steelers and Giants. I’m big into footballs


What I enjoy most about being a woman:
I enjoy having boobs. They’re like literally our personal purse and squishy ball/bags.


How did you start modeling?
I actually studied photography prior to modeling when I was 16. I was watching a fashion show when I was about 7 and fell in love with everything I saw.


People would say I am:
Energetic, Inspiring, driven, silly, adventurous, and compassionate


Best gift someone can give another?
The best gift you can give another is your true support. Many times people just want to know someone has their back even if its only 1 person.


My plans for 2016:
I have been touring a great deal in 2016. My birthday is August 17 (leo season!!) so I will take a short 4 day break and afterward, I’ll be going back to LA to film more and will be headed to Europe to shoot.


Website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Snap chat-@paradise.rdrigz

Photography courtesy of: Jonathan Perez
MUA: Jean Chin