#SundaySelfie The Top 50 Babes on Our Radar

With Summer in full swing that means half of the year has already gone by,  and we are yet another day closer to this year’s Top 100 final reveal. In no particular order of ranking we share with you the current top 50 babes on our radar.

Who will take the crown as Model of the Year 2017? It could very well be one of these contending ladies feature below.

Our 1st international MOTY Jade Amber Williams join’s us from Australia.

Jade Amber Williams (Model of the Year 2016)

Cece Sinclair

Paradise Rodriguez

Sarah Clayton (Miss November 2015)

Nevada Caitlyn

Stacey Rios (Model of the Year 2015)

Candace Marie (Miss August 2016)

Jessica Trollinger

Carley Coakley (Miss September 2015)

Nikki Cole (Miss June 2015)

Melissa Koenig

Emmy Elle

Lana Elyse (Miss October 2015)

Barbara Desiree (Spring Cover Model 2015)

Summer Ayala

June Ann (Babe of the Year 2015)


Emily Cole

Nicola Marie

Nicole Summer

Amanda Blanks

Nicole Ferreira

Taryn Maria (Miss February 2014)

Mckenna Ashenbremer (Miss January 2014)

Cara Luby

Shannon Ihrke

Erin Kennedy

Tawny Jordan

Ashley Hale

Jenelle Joanne Ramsami

Haley Allen

Kelsie Jo

Alicia Leigh

Ashley Heinrichs

Yolandi Malherbe

Lisa Zee

Alessya Brookes

Alessya Brookes

Paige Ball

Crystal Maude

Jean Dara

Ashton Taylor

Vivi Estrada

Nicole Hampton

Ali Sparks

Tessa Lex

Joy Lorenze

Amanda Ellis

Hayley Davis

Simone Shannon Smith

Which Babe do you think should be the next Model of the Year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!