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Khianna Lee | Midwestern Beauty

Full of grace and poise, MOLL Magazine featured model Khinanna Lee is a Midwestern beauty. She is interviewed by our radio show sponsor Chillin With Jeff and Kenny C in the following seventeen minute segment. You get to know her personality, how she began modeling, and how one day she aspires for society to see her as a positive image of what it means to be “big and beautiful”.
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Venezuelan Beauty Maria

Venezuelan beauty Maria comes to us a long way for her pictorial with MOLL Magazine. Growing up in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela she has become the world wide traveler. She describers herself as energetic, full of energy and doesn’t mind to dance and party, “Venezuelans are happy people.” It’s actually quite true, or at least according to Guinness book of world records which reports: Venezuela has the Guinness record for having the happiest population on the world!