St. Louis native and R & B artist Connie Amarilla loves to sing.  At the age of eight she remembers how it all began, even her first recorded song at the age of sixteen. A few of her vocal idols include Mariah Carey, Whitney Huston, Marvin Gaye, and  Chaka Khan.  Connie is interviewed with our sponsor Chilling with Jeff and Kenny C.  We are given in inside light into her life, the good and the bad. Relationships aren’t always pretty, but Connie want’s to be able to provide an outlet for women to press “play” or “repeat” when that moment comes and they need to relate, heal, find peace and feel empowered after listening to her music. Lastly she  add’s ” Never Give up, when I first started out had I stopped I never would have won Miss Saint Louis Missouri Miss Teen USA.  Keep striving for what you want, and shoot for the stars!”

“My music is from the heart and what another person has gone through in general.”

– Connie Amarila

Listen to some of Connie’s tracks.

1. Don’t Let Go

This song speaks truth of a common issue in relationships, to leave or stay.  Don’t Let Go, is about choosing to stay and fighting for love.

2. I DO IT

Female empowerment song, Connie makes being BADD a good thing.

3. Kill Yo Self

This song is about the worst in a relationship, lies, deceit, and unrequited love. It touches on why women stay after they have been hurt, thinking that the man they love would grow to love them back.

Note to all people out there. If you date a singer or a musician not matter if they are a woman or a man you can almost expect them to write a song about it.

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