I am American photographer who specializes in fashion and glamour photography. My work has been internationally published both as a model and as a photographer. I began photography in my junior year while learning to develop film before the now high tech digital age. At the age of 18, I joined the United States Air Force (USAF) and served six years of honorable service.

During my service I was recognized for many medals, awards, such as BTZ, Diagnostic Imaging Airman of the Year (AMC), Humanitarian medal, and Achievement Medal. Since my decision to separate from the military to pursue higher education and artistic aspirations, I have been featured in television and internet commercials, music video’s, print in multiple magazines, runway, on billboards, movies and promotional work.

My work has been featured in MOLL Magazine, Esquire Latino America, FHM Spain, Playboy Israel, Playboy Mexico, Playboy Bulgaria, MAXIM South Africa, Playboy Romania, Modelz View, Coed Magazine,  Men’s Stuff, Chulo Magazine, Solis Magazine, OPEN Revista, Fighters Only Magazine, and Stunner Baby Magazine.

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