Coming in at 5’4, I’m considered a petite model, as well as curvy, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m a firecracker that’ll do what is necessary to get the perfect shot! I enjoy a challenge and enjoy creating art though pictures!  Mostly I enjoy dabbling in boudoir, lingerie, editorial, implied and artistic shoots.  A lot of my work tends to have a vintage or edgy look to it. I also don’t mind experimenting with the other side of the camera as well.

YOUR MOLL BABE OF THE DAY FEATURE WAS AMAZING! ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT YOUR FIRST PRINT FEATURE? I’m extremely excited to have a feature and be a part of the Moll Family!

WHAT HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED? DID YOU EVER GET IT? I want a lot of things in life! I’m always striving for more and looking to chase another goal!!

WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL AND WHY? I absolutely adore Ashley Alexiss. She’s stunning, confident, and she is proving that beauty is not a size. I love when women empower other women, and she does just that. Rock on curvy girls, rock on!

TELL US HOW YOU BEGAN MODELING… I did my first photoshoot back in 2007 just for fun and loved it! Let’s just say I haven’t looked back!

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN TEN YEARS? In ten years I’d hope to finish my master’s degree, have at least one magazine cover, possibly an international playmate title, and a family!

WHAT’S ON THE PERFECT PIZZA? Oh man, I love pizza. The perfect pie would definitely have tons of cheese, cheesesteak meat (it’s the philly in me), peppers, onions, bacon….oh who am I kidding… load it up!

DO YOU TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS? Always!!! I’m a firm believer in intuition, as well as karma and fate!

HAVE ANY PLANS FOR THE SUMMER YET? I’m hoping to attend Paradise Challenge Miami in July!

SO… YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY, WHAT NOW?! WOOHOO!! First of all, I’m not telling a soul! I would give some to parents, for being so awesome and supportive. Then stash some cash away, travel the world, and buy a million puppies!


DREAM VACATION: Bora Bora for sure! So beautiful

MOST CHERISHED POSSESSION: My dogs, they make me laugh and smile everyday


MY LIFE THEME SONG: Porter Robinson -Language

LAST TIME I SMILED: Few minutes ago 😀

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD (PARTING WORDS) : Thanks for featuring me! Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me


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Photography by Tina Louise in Philadelphia