Miss Paradise: Conea Flory

How would you describe your professional interests?
I am really into fashion.  I love seeing the new clothing designs each season.

What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started ? Was it for the glamor? The money? Passion or fun?

I have previously modeled for FHM Romania and FHM France a few times. Previous honors from modeling there were: FHM Covergirl award 2011 (one of three)- FHM Romania, November 2011 Top 14 The Best FHM models – FHM France December 2013 Top 50 The Sexiest Women in the World- FHM France, July 2014 Top 100 The Sexiest Women in the World- FHM Romania, July 2014 Playmate – Playboy Bulgaria April 2014. A representative from an agency saw me on the street and invited me for a photo shoot, that happened like 6 years ago.  They weren’t so professional but after that I started modeling on my own. It wasn´t for money, it was for passion and fun.
Favorite models and designers? Love to work with them in near future ?
My favorite models are Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Irina Shayk, and Mirranda Kerr.  My favorite designer is Jeremy Scott.  Yes, I would love to work with them in the near future, I dream big! 🙂
Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why? 
All my photographers were good. I loved to work with all of them. It wouldn’t be right for me to pick a favorite.

Do you have any other experience in the modeling/fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)? 
Yes, I used to have my own blog about fashion but I had to quit, and honestly, I dont like writing that much, so I focus on what I like the most: photo shoots.


What does fashion mean to you?
For me, fashion helps you express ‘yourself’ and therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting ,  and no one else!

What are some things you like and dislike about the modeling/fashion industry?
The whole experience of modeling has been enjoyable.  There isn’t anything that I have disliked.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? 

Modeling has forced me to stay in shape (exercise, eat healthy, etc)

What’s your favorite outfit ? Any favorite modeling genre you love? (Glam, Swimwear, Lingerie, etc )
Ripped jeans,denim shorts,  t-shirt, and sneakers is what I wear most in my life.  My favorite modeling genre is swimwear 
What kind of shootings do you prefer and what kind of pictures of yourself do you like most? 
Shootings on the beach I prefer the most.  Since I live on an island, I guess it feels familiar to me.
Do you also have intentions to act in a movie or music video? 
I have appeared in a music video before, it was a nice experience,  but I prefer doing photo shoots.
Dreams and goals?
To be featured in many renowned magazines
Upcoming works in near future?
I like to surprise everyone
Message to readers?
Stay tuned.