Belated Birthday wishes are in order for our Model of the Year 2016 Jade Amber Williams. After her first MOLL Magazine cover in December 2015, we followed up with her in our Spring 2016 Lingerie Special Edition Issue. Happy Birthday Jade!!!

Tell us more about yourself: I’m a Mother, Model, Creative Director. I’m just your every day girl next door type. I’m a pretty simple girl, always in some kind of vintage band shirt/Harley Davidson shirt with some jean cut offs just hanging around the house. I’m extremely down to earth, and love a good laugh.
I can’t stand doing nothing, I’ll complain that I don’t have any time to just ‘do nothing’ and then as soon as I have the chance my head is running a million miles an hour and all these cool ideas are going through my head and I start planning haha. Whether it be shoots, adventures, restaurants, places I want to visit, things I want to create.
I’m non stop.

Hometown: South Coast, NSW

Current Location: My bed

A quote that defines you: Love her but keep her wild.

Moana Barroso Photography


Congrats are in order, you were selected as MOLL Babe of the Year for 2016. That means your the first international #MOTY and going to be on another upcoming cover of the magazine, how exciting is that:

MOTY was a huge shock, I honestly had no idea.. And still to this day I’m incredibly grateful for the Moll Mag team and all the positivity they bring to my career and helping me get my name out there (have you seen their social media following- INSANE). I’m always excited to work on new shoots for Moll Mag and be apart of everything they stand for.

You’re a very active model in Australia, will you be traveling for more modeling assignments in 2016: I will be travelling- just state wise at the moment. 100% going to Melbourne this year in late June-July, already in the works but we will have to see about the rest of the year.

Speaking of traveling, do you have any plans to travel to the USA this year: I would LOVE to come to the USA, I’ve never been. While it doesn’t look on the cards this year, what I’ve learnt is.. never say never haha.

Moana Barroso Photography
Moana Barroso Photography


What is your favorite part about modeling: Favorite thing about modelling lately for me has been directing a lot of my shoots this past year. I have some BIG things coming out that I’m super proud of. Pushing my boundaries (as always) but working on shoots that use less photoshop and just portrays me in a more, raw, natural state. Have a whole new life mindset, kinda as if I’ve shed my skin and become a new me. A bigger, better version.

Songs that are included on your soundtrack for life:
This is what’s coming to me, don’t judge..
You don’t own me- Grace
I’ll show you- Justin Bieber
Dark Horse- Katy Perry
Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

Photographer: Vincent Gotti of Vincent Gotti Photography


We know your quite the chameleon, which celebrity do you get mistaken for: Probably Jean Watts, I get that a lot.

Let’s be real, if money was no object, what would you do all day: I would lay on some tropical island getting massages and drinking cocktails all day, and shop. Literally shop till I drop.

Last time you did something spontaneous: Booked a tattoo the other day.

Where do you see yourself in five years: Hopefully married, owning my own house, still modelling, still living life to the fullest, achieving everything I want to.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done in the name of love: Most daring thing in the name of love would have to be, having kids for sure. No doubt.

Moana Barroso Photography
Moana Barroso Photography


Who really knows you best: My partner! Knows every single little part of me good and bad.

What business would you like to start: I actually have my own little business in the works, don’t want to spill anything yet or give anything away.. But it’s daring and slightly towards the fashion spectrum.

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate: Never!!!!! I need a least 1 block of chocolate in the pantry at all times.

Moana Barroso Photography


If you could have one wish, what would it be: One wish would be to make sure my kids live a fulfilled life and know they are loved.

Do you feel you have a purpose/calling in life: I could take the easy option and say my purpose/calling is to be a Mother which to an extent is true but that isn’t all I am. Modelling is my go to, I like expressing myself and being on set.

Life goals for 2016:
Plan a big holiday
Get as many magazine publications and covers as I can
Work my butt off
Launch my business
Love hard

Photographer: Vincent Gotti of Vincent Gotti Photography


Best way to travel: Plane- fast and convenient

Words of advice: People are always going to say what they want to say, so do whatever the fuck you want anyway.

Best gift someone can give: Their time, time is precious and taken for granted.

My fantasy date: Ryan Gosling

I’m grateful for: My kids, my family and my friends.

Parting words: It’s society that makes rules for us, break out of that. Do what you want, what you have always dreamed of and live life to the fullest, always!
Love Jade xx

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HMUA: Cassandra Weatherstone
Fashion Stylist: Lisa Watson
Creative Director/Executive Producer: Sylvia Hecimovic
Lighting Specialist and Photographer’s Assistant: Paul Fioretto
Photographer: Vincent Gotti of Vincent Gotti Photography (
Lingerie Provided by: Axami
Shot on Location in Darling Point, Sydney NSW Australia
Birthday photos provided courtsey of Jade Amber Williams.
HMUA- @savannahmakeupartist