Nevada Caitlyn Gets in the Holiday Spirit with a Sexy Santa Photo Shoot with Photographer Lucio Fratelli …

The 21 year old internationally published and promotional model is our neighbor to the north from Canada. Already featured in our sister version MOLL Magazine South Africa, today she is your special treat as Babe of the Day!

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Nevada Caitlyn

Never take a day for granted, and to always find the positive in the negative.

Tell us about yourself: I’ve been modelling for a few years now and absolutely embracing and loving every opportunity of it so far. I hope to become international and be able to travel the world for photo-shoots and modelling gigs.

Hometown: Hamilton, ON Canada

Current Location: Hamilton, ON Canada

Do you believe in Santa? If so, what do you hope Santa brings you?
The inner child in me still believes! The magic of Christmas brings out the good in everyone. I honestly just want happiness and health for family, friends and for everyone!

Best gift someone can give? 
The best gift someone can give would have to be something meaningful that money can’t buy.

What about receive?
My answer definitely goes both ways! It’s better to give than to receive.

All time favorite holiday past time?
It definitely would have to be spending Christmas with my family and making great memories.

What I enjoy most about being a woman
From fashion to makeup there are so many things to embrace about being a woman.

Things that I love
Animals, music, movies, my family, friends, sweets, dance, travelling, warm weather, and life in general!

People would say I am
Very bubbly, optimistic, friendly, and a hard worker.


My plans for 2017
My plans would be to continue to succeed in my modelling, finish my program of studies, and to hopefully do some travelling!

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Image Credits: Lucio Fratelli.