Nicole Summer | Inspiring Others To Model

Nicole Summer is a young ambitious model originally from the Midwest who now is  currently residing in South Carolina. She is known for appearing on our July 2015 cover, super shoots and now the MOLL Magazine Midwest Calendar as Miss March 2017. Before she made the move from Missouri we just had to include her in this years photo-shoot.

On being in the Calendar…

” My month is March and I’m so happy to be March because it’s a spring month. Spring is my favorite time of year because everything is new and alive. Just sooo much beauty.”

How did you get started into modeling?
Help family friends with their photographer photo contest and showing their clothing they designed

Where have you been featured?
MOLL Magazine and Supershoots

Who have you worked with?
MOLL and Supershoots

What do you hope to achieve in your modeling career? What are your goals?
Just to inspire girls to be whatever they want to be and never give up on their dreams.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
Surprising myself every time after a shoot because I always am shocked to see myself so dolled up.

Ultimate Dream Photo-Shoot?
Victoria’s Secret

Tell us about you, our readers want to get to know you, give them something to talk about!
I work as a Emt and plan to go back to school to get my paramedic license then try and get a degree to be a surgical tec. I am also super outdoorsy and love to going hunting, shooting guns, hiking, training dogs, four wheeling, camping, etc.

What are your plans for 2017?
I plan on continuing to travel and see the world and meet new people. I also plan to grow as a person and be the best I can be and help as many people along the way.

Dreams/Personal Goals
My dreams are always changing or being accomplished so I guess my biggest dream is to go overseas and help the sick and poor for a couple months.

Current Occupation

You hobbies and why they are special to you
Traveling is my greats hobby. I love trying different and new things. The food, lifestyle and the culture. I also grew up duck and deer hunting. It’s more of a lifestyle then hobby but there is nothing better then being in the bind on a cold morning with the prefect partner (a well trained hunting dog). When it’s not hunting season, I’m hiking so I can see scene not seen by everyone.

If you could change something in the world what would it be? Fuck boys. No body has time for that.

Your favorite Holiday? Why?
Halloween because it’s around my birthday and I love dressing up with my friends.

Things that are special to you?
My family. My prefect dog. My amazing friends.

What do you do for fun?
Netflix, go out with friends drinking and dancing, or mudding/bonfires

Lastly anything you want to say to our readers?
Thank you everyone for your support! It means the world to me to have so many amazing people supporting me with their comments and pushing me to do more. Thank you!

Life is so damn short. For fuck’s sake, just do what makes you happy.