Kicking off the Summer season as our Miss June 2017 is Lana Elyse, a multi talented model and photographer from the sunny state of California. Years ago we first started following Lana and became a fan of her blooming modeling career online. Now we get to know her better in her cover pictorial and feature below.

How did you get started into modeling?
My brother’s girlfriend at the time was modeling locally and told me about Model Mayhem. I was always curious about getting into modeling so I checked it out for myself and soon I was working with local photographers to build my portfolio, and the rest is history!

Previously you were on the cover of MOLL Magazine South Africa, where else have you been featured?
 I’ve been featured in Prototype Magazine, Chulo Magazine, Koncept, Epitome Magazine, 86 Blvd, and many others. I have a cover feature coming out for Models Mania Magazine very soon as well!

Not only are you a model but now have been shooting photography and expanding your talents. What are your dreams and goals as a photographer?
My goals in photography is to not only get myself out there more, but get other models published as well. Very soon I plan on working with other models and hopefully get them features as well as myself.  I’d love to be a regular contributing photographer to a few magazines if possible.

We absolutely love the fact that you actually shot your own cover for this feature, can you share with us what it’s like to photograph yourself?
It’s tough! It’s pretty time consuming. I set up my backdrops, get my lighting right, and when I start shooting I go through about a dozen frames just to make sure I’m centered and everything looks good. It’s a lot of bouncing back and forth to see how everything is turning out, and it can be very frustrating if I can’t get something just right. So not only do I have to make sure my poses are right and I’m giving good face, I have to make sure from a photographer’s stand point that everything is framed properly, is in focus and lit how I want it. It’s a chore, but when images get picked up by magazines, it is so worth it.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
 I like that it makes me feel beautiful. It’s fun to glam it up once in a while and be sexy. It’s my happy place.

What about photography?
I love learning new things in photography and I love seeing my work improve. I like being able to play around with my camera and shoot something in different ways. And it’s rewarding!

Tell us about you, our readers want to get to know you, give them something to talk about!
Let’s see… I’ve been modeling 10 years, I frequent LA for events, in my non modeling life I work a normal job, in my down time I love watching Maury, I eat whatever I want and don’t gain weight! And I love making people laugh!

What are your plans for 2017?
For this year, I plan on putting myself out there more. I’m contacting more magazines, building relationships, I plan on helping other models with their portfolios and getting published. My partner Justin and I are putting together our own magazine/website and we plan on launching that this year. We’re already 6 months in, and I’m pretty happy with how everything is going so far!

Dreams/Personal Goals
A personal goal of mine is to get my Real Estate Agent’s license. I just need to schedule and pass the state test and I’ll be set. This is a goal this summer and I will achieve it!

Current Occupation
I currently work at a large and very well known facility. I won’t say a name, but you probably use their app all the time and spend a lot of cash with them, cause I know I do!

Your hobbies and why they are special to you
Photography! It’s special to me because it’s been helping me accomplish many goals. It’s been a game changer for me for sure.

If you could change something in the world what would it be? 
If I had the power, I would eliminate racism. It’s ugly, it’s stupid, it’s useless. The world would be incredibly better without it.

Summer is here, what’s your favorite part about the season?
Not being cold! Since I’m skinny I’m cold if it’s pretty much under 80 degrees, so it’ll be nice to be warm and dress cute!

6 things that you can’t resist?
Sweets, cats, pork, IG, grape soda, and a good bonfire.

What do you do to relax?
Watch TV and lay around in pajama pants.

Lastly anything you want to say to our readers?
I want to say thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me, and I hope you continue to follow my journey! I appreciate all of you and thank you for your love. And I want to say a huge THANK YOU to MOLL Magazine for featuring me!!

My goals in photography is to not only get myself out there more, but get other models published as well.