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Greetings, dear readers! We are thrilled to introduce you to the extraordinary journey of Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup, a multifaceted talent whose life story is nothing short of inspirational!

In this feature, we delve into his latest achievements, music, martial arts, and his exciting journey on Survivor Season 45.

Background and Music

Take us on your musical journey and how it led to your latest album, “Heal Now” which marks a departure from your previous work.

What sparked this evolution in your musical style?

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)
(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Heal Now‘ is a significant departure from my previous work. It represents a shift towards a more upbeat and vibrant sound, one that’s all about celebrating life, love, and the incredible power of healing through music. 

To understand this transformation, we have to go back a bit. My earlier work was a reflection of a particularly dark period in my life. I had tragically lost my two closest friends, and the emotional impact was profound. It sent me into a deep struggle with depression, and it manifested itself not only in my mental state but also in my physical well-being. Unsurprisingly, this turmoil was deeply reflected in my music during that time.

But as time passed and I embarked on my journey towards healing, I realized that I needed to shift the focus. I wanted to break free from the darkness that had overshadowed my previous work and create something that was more uplifting and inspirational. ‘Heal Now’ became my vehicle for this transformation.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

With this album, I aimed to create music that people could sing along to, dance to, and ultimately be inspired by. It’s a collection of songs that exude positivity, hope, and a zest for life. I wanted to craft an album that would not only resonate with listeners but also serve as a reminder that healing is possible, even after the darkest of times.

In essence, ‘Heal Now‘ is a reflection of my own personal journey from a place of darkness and despair to one of hope and healing. It’s a testament to the power of music to transform not only the artist but also those who listen.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

How does music play a pivotal role in your personal journey, and what impact do you hope it has on your audience?

 I hope that when people listen to this album, they can find their own moments of healing, joy, and celebration within the melodies and lyrics. It’s a musical journey that I’m incredibly proud of, and I can’t wait for others to embark on it with me.

Survivor Experience

Congratulations on your participation in Survivor Season 45! Could you share some insights into your Survivor adventure, highlighting the mental and physical challenges?

Currently I can’t comment on the adventure due to CBS rules as of now but I can say the preparation once I got the news was insane. When I got the news I would be considered as a contestant I began to really reflect on myself preparing for the possibilities by doing more Tai Chi, grinding hard in the gym and preparing trainers and my fiancé to potentially take over my gym for my absence.

Being a Tai Chi master, how did your martial arts background prepare you for the rigorous physical demands of Survivor?

Being a SIFU, A master instructor I truly embraced my meditation, focus and Tai Chi practice so that I could potentially withstand whatever came my way. I also trained in the gym 3-4x a day doing stair stepper, treadmill, dynamic lifting and HIIT circuits. I knew this would be a testament to physical and mental WILL! I walked into this like I am willing to die to fight for what I need to do!

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Mental Health Advocacy

You’re a vocal advocate for mental health. How has this advocacy shaped your approach to life’s trials, including your Survivor experience?

I see this as an opportunity to inspire and educate others through my own mental health struggles and what’s on the other side; it’s about self reflection, small steps, persistence and believing your capabilities.

-Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup
(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Do you have advice for our readers on maintaining mental well-being, especially in demanding situations like Survivor?

Be absolutely defiant in your pursuit to be a better you. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The journey to bettering mental health is about being brutally honest with your shortcomings, issues, with your output towards things you want to achieve, you’ve got to be focused on 1% better each day.

Never be afraid to seek guidance, realize that happiness and mental health is like a gas tank, it’s not always going to be fuel because you’re burning through it so you’ve got to refuel and maintenance yourself like a vehicle. Be loving, caring, vulnerable and learn from the effects of being this way, lead with positivity, find the silver lining, persevere and never forget you are ALWAYS with it and worth saving and worth being HERE on this earth!

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Entrepreneurship and Community

As the owner of 5 Elements Fitness, you play an active role in your community. Could you elaborate on your commitment to your clients and the philosophy of sharing the spotlight?

My commitment to my clients is to be myself, be authentically myself. They see my flaws, they see my life, they see me and I see them. We all have a story, we all have something that fuels us, drives us, some people’s purpose has been covered up by the day to day grind of work and serving others, my job is to uncover that and hopefully find what’s underneath so they can see and I can help.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

How can individuals join your gym or classes, and are there any self-defense tips you’d like to impart?

Reach out to our 5 Elements Fitness Facebook, email us or reach out on instagram tell us what your goals are and what you’re interested in! Self defense tips are to learn something so you can fight back, most attackers don’t want someone with any confidence, they hate someone who is capable of fighting back.

The most important thing to know about self defense is there isn’t 100 percent certainty with any of it but it definitely makes you less of a target for knowing something and improves odds of survival in dangerous situations!

Personal Journey

You recently discovered new family connections through Ancestry. Can you share the impact of this revelation on your life?

I’ve always known I was adopted. My adoptive parents are the absolute best, they’ve loved me deeply, been very honest with me about it all and taught me so many great lessons. When I got older I at least wanted to know my ethnicity so I did ancestry and found out I was 50 percent Nigerian which was awesome to figure out, then days later I got a ding from the app that there were family matches.

I was like what the heck is this, so I clicked on the names and saw it found a blood related sister, father and brother I immediately reached out to them and it was magical, I went out to California where they reside and met them all, they welcomed me with open arms and it was probably one of the most wholesome moment I’ve ever had. I’ve always wanted to know why I look the way I look so it made my soul smile when I found them, I got so many answers. Kind of like a chapter closed and a new one opened.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Balancing roles as a musician, gym owner, and mixed martial artist can be challenging. How do you manage these diverse pursuits?

It’s honestly been hard and truly challenging but many years ago I worked at a Walmart and saw a manager yell and scream at an employee, degrade them in front of customers and it was just like a light bulb… THIS AINT IT!

This lifestyle of taking my fate in my own hands was the hardest thing I have ever done but is truly rewarding, in this position you truly value a sale or a concert/ show playing out or earning a medal at a martial arts competition because YOU did it, it’s from your own drive, passion and desire to constantly grow.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Future Plans

What are your aspirations, both in your music career and as a mental health advocate?

It’s actually a simple answer. For others to find their PRF. Purpose, Reason and Feeling. Finding these three things in everything you do ignites an inferno of change and drive that is unstoppable. The number one piece of advice that’s helped me is listen more, kill your ego and be adaptable.

-Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup

Can you offer a sneak peek at upcoming projects or initiatives that excite you?

I can say this isn’t going to be the last time you see SIFU. I know that’s kind of sounding cryptic but most of the projects I have cooking can’t be discussed. I will say this I plan to do more to help millions reach their truest potential.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Survivor and Beyond

While avoiding spoilers, can you share memorable moments or challenges from your Survivor Season 45 journey?

I can speak to the first episode. The first challenge was a great testament to overcoming hard things. My nerves were at an all time high, I had no clue what to expect and it truly was a unique experience.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Community and Support

Family and close friends are vital in your life. How has their support influenced your path, and do you have special plans for a weekly “Survivor” viewing party?

Family and Friends have been truly supportive, if it wasn’t for my fiancé (Courtnie Johnson) I wouldn’t be where I am at, she’s been my rock, she’s brought me back from self doubt and highlights my strengths and helps me work on my weaknesses. My Mom and Dad (Margo and LeRoy Alsup) have been so loving, they’ve been my biggest cheerleaders.

Tune In to Survivor Season 45

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup’s incredible Survivor journey. Tune in to Survivor Season 45, airing on CBS. Gather your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!

The premiere episode, titled “We Can Do Hard Things,” premiered on Wednesday, September 27th, at 7 p.m. CST.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)

Purchase “Heal Now” CD

Nicholas’ latest album, “Heal Now,” is available for purchase on his official website at (www.Sifumusic.com) and through major music retailers.

We hope you find this feature on Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup as captivating and inspiring as we did. His journey showcases the remarkable power of determination, talent, and the unwavering support of loved ones.

Tune in to Survivor Season 45, and let’s support Nicholas as he takes on this unforgettable adventure. Stay tuned for more incredible stories from our vibrant community of artists and advocates.

(Images: Nicholas ‘Sifu’ Alsup)


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