“The Art of Fashion Poetry” Cover model | LAVINIA PALANITE APRIL 2024 SOUTH AFRICA


Photography by Barry Freeman & creative design cover art done by MOLLMAGSA CEO ARNE SCHREUDER

It’s all about FASHION & POETRY for the month of APRIL 2024 as we stroll the streets of vibrant, stylish, artistic and poetic NEW YORK USA, (Magical MANHATTEN … THE BIG APPLE) bringing back that feeling of…

“Unapologetically ME, as YOU get your chance to express yourself through the WORLD OF POETRY & the WORLD OF FASHION combined.”

Because its time for our APRIL MONTH 2024 COVER MODEL LAVINIA PALANITE to take the stage once again and shine alongside Photographer BARRY FREEMAN, clothing designer NORMA EBANKS as well as HAIR STYLIST HANU DANIELA and our MOLLMAGSA CEO ARNE SCHREUDER

as we embrace the essence and ART OF FASHION & POETRY in today’s FASHION & MODELING WORLD to empower and inspire those around us!

Let’s embrace the true feelings of what FASHION & POETRY can bring us as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with MOLLBABE MODEL Lavinia Palanite, in today’s cover editorial feature…

“The Art of Fashion Poetry – COVER EDITORIAL”

Photography by Barry Freeman

Welcome LAVINIA congrats once again another cover feature, this time for our MOLLMAGSA APRIL 2024 edition how do you feel?

Wow thank you so much for giving me the opportunity once again,

I am so HAPPY and BLESSED beyond words for this Arne! Thank you for making me COVERGIRL for the month of APRIL.

For this month of APRIL, we put the focus on THE ART OF FASHION POETRY THEME, what does that mean to you personally? 

For me it says the following, that you speak to the world and get your voice and message heard, through your own individuality and creative self-expressions,

As YOU get your chance to express yourself through the WORLD OF POETRY & WORLD OF FASHION combined.

Coming back to where this photoshoot was done aka (In the streets of downtown MANHATTEN NEW YORK USA) what is it about the scenery that makes it so special and majestic in the FASHOIN WORLD & MODELING WORLD of today for you LAVINIA?

The fact that it was and is a “TRUE DREAM COME TRUE” for me to do a photoshoot right here alongside a phenomenal photographer and friend of mine the iconic BARRY FREEMAN, as well as the following: 

  • The Iconic Architecture & History: Of the building landmarks of the… One World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.
  • Vibrant Street Life: The streets of downtown Manhattan pulse with a true energetic energy, teeming with diverse crowds, bustling markets, and lively street performers.
  • Artistic Street Art: From colorful murals to intricate graffiti tags, downtown Manhattan is a canvas for street artists from around the world.
  • Also not forgetting that Golden Hour Glow: As the sun sets over the Manhattan skyline, the streets of downtown are bathed in a warm golden light that casts a magical glow over everything it touches.


TIME TO BE YOURSELF & RELAX WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? – #GymTime for sure I love working out in gym and also traveling the world and seeing so many majestic places all over the world #TravelBug #GlobeTrotter (That’s Me!)

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU? – Be creatively YOURSELF, be whom YOU want to be to the world and everyone!

STARSIGN? – I’m a VIRGO all day all night

YOU’RE GO TO QOUTE YOU LOVE TO USE AND SAY EVERY DAY? – “One thing about me I am ME and I am gonna travel the world baby, so see you on the other side soon!”

CREDITS and a HUGE THANK YOU to the following:

  • Photography by BARRY FREEMAN on INSTAGRAM & LinkedIn
  • Hair styling done by HANU DANIELA on INSTAGRAM
  • Clothing wardrobe designer by Fashion Designer NORMA EBANKS on INSTAGRAM