All Eyes On: Ariana Grande’s ‘Focus’

Premiering yesterday Ariana Grande’s Focus, promises a glowly lavender tale filled with her sweet undertones and a bit of 60’s funk.

Five things you will see a lot of: rhythmic dancing, cell phones, winged cat eye liner, boxes and the color purple. Overall visually Ariana brings her well known for signature looks and a star dress which makes us wish for more.

This video launch is perfect right before Halloween giving all Pop music lovers a new beat to dance this Saturday night away.

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Over One Million raised to find a cure for Breast Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute it is said that 12.4 percent of women born in the United States today will develop breast cancer at some time during their lives. This past Saturday in Forest Park over 5,000 St. Louisans gathered together to raise over $171,868.86 for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk to try and end the odds of that happening for good. Every year since 2012 MOLL Magazine has participated in Making Strides, the national event founded by Massachusetts cancer survivor Margery Gould Rath.
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