Pussy Riot Exclusive Riot Days and Resonance: When Wars Become Impossible to Ingore

A still from the "Swan Lake" music video. - Pussy Riot
This past week we sat down with several members Diana Burkot, Maria (Masha) Alyokhina, and Olga Borisova of the feminist activist group Pussy Riot to discuss the ongoing importance of using music as art in all forms of political protests, Riot Days Tour happening now in the USA, “SWAN LAKE” video project just released on 1 Nov, and what the average person can do when wars become impossible to ignore.
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Miss October South Africa Cover Model Jasmine Bella

All PINK all sparkly as its time to show the world where you belong, as we go all out-BARBIE THEME for the month of OCTOBER 2023, bringing the sparkle and the feminine glamour sassy touch as we delve into Barbie’s World with this month’s Cover Model JASMINE BELLA and international photographer DAVE ABREU from PARLOURBOUDOIR & by MOLL MAG SA Editor in Chief Arne Schreuder.
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Empowerment and Backlash: The Complex Reality of Women’s Voices in Society

Individuals have come a long way in their pursuit of empowerment and self-expression. Yet, the journey to equality and acceptance is still marked by complexities and contradictions that can leave many feeling frustrated and disillusioned. This article delves into the layers of discrimination, societal biases, and the impact of social media on voices and empowerment.
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