Alexis Krystal | Stunning Sweetheart

Today’s Babe of the Day is local St. Louisan Alexis Krystal, who appears as Miss February 2017 in the MOLL Magazine Midwest Calendar. In her pictorial Stunning Sweetheart, Alexis is playful and romantic. A friend first prompted her to take part in modeling, since then she has worked with local fashion designers and photographers. In the future she hopes to use her experiences from it to help build personal confidence.
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MOLL MAILBOX | Sarah Clayton wishes you a very sexy Christmas

MOLL Mailbox is a new feature we are introducing here at MOLL Magazine. Sometimes our submissions come from not only models but also photographers. Tis the season of giving after all, is it not? Corch Photography recently tweeted to us some sexy festive photos of international MOLL Babe Sarah Clayton who has appeared on the cover of our sister version MOLL Magazine South Africa. Below are the best outtakes from Sarah’s recent shoot with Corch.
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Breathtaking Beauty: Miss September Ashley Heinrichs

Appearing on the Cover as our Miss September 2016 is Ashley Heinrichs who we first met in Mexico a few years ago. We were quick to feature Ashley then in our World Cup Special Edition and it it with great pleasure that now we bring her back for her first Cover of MOLL Magazine. We can’t help but love down to earth Texas girls, and our Miss September is a laid back beauty.
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#SundaySelfie The Top 50 Babes on Our Radar

With Summer in full swing that means half of the year has already gone by, and we are yet another day closer to this year’s Top 100 final reveal. In no particular order of ranking we share with you the current top 50 babes on our radar.

Who will take the crown as Model of the Year 2017? It could very well be one of these contenting ladies feature below.

Our 1st international MOTY Jade Amber Williams join’s us from Australia.

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Gold Coast Aussie Amanda Blanks

Amanda Blanks (born in Australia) of dutch heritage began her work as a model fairly young, primary school in fact. “I used to do pageants where they asked you a bunch of questions on stage and had to do a talent. I think it’s pretty funny now when I look back at it.” A self described BALL OF ENERGY Never one to pass down a good time, on the boat you can catch her going to the islands scuba diving and jet skiing. Amanda also enjoys eating our and exploring new restaurants and cafes with friends to pass the free time.
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