Where are you from? Florida

Have you always lived there? No, I was born in Vegas and moved to Florida when I was 12. I’ll be moving back to Vegas in June.

How did you start modeling? When I was a little girl I was obsessed with collecting magazines and admiring the different shoots models were doing. When America’s Next Top Model aired I became addicted to the industry and was determined to make modeling a part of my life regardless of being shorter than industry standards. When I turned 19 I started building my portfolio and ever since I have been granted amazing opportunities.

What do you consider your best assets? My drive and my free spirited energy

What type of modeling do you most enjoy? I LOVE being on the runway! I’m a performer so being on the runway fulfills two different passions of mine. It’s such an adrenaline rush and I love bringing a fierce presence to a crowd. 

What are your summer goals or upcoming projects? I am currently working on my first track as a singer being produced by internationally known producer/Dj, AWT which will be released within the next few months! Other than that, I plan to expand myself with modeling and acting which is the purpose of me relocating the west coast. 

Best gift someone can give another? A good foot massage…lol! My favorite kinds of gifts are handmade items. Whatever it is, it always has much more value than being store bought.

Your top 5 modeling accomplishments thus far in your career? Walking the runway for Adidas, being published with a magazine cover, being scouted randomly by a modeling agent and hired on the spot, getting sponsored by two companies, and being featured as the Moll Babe of the Month! 

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Photography courtesy of Doug Ochoa