“I always had an admiration for the models in magazines, but when I was a teenager and I lived and studied beauty and hair in France it was then that I really wanted to become a model. I started modelling when I was about 16. We had a photographer in the village where we lived that owned a studio and a shop. One day she asked me to do a couple of shots. It was my first time, it was so cool. When I look back on those pictures now, they make me smile because I’ve learned so much since then. I stopped shooting for a while and started over again last year. When I am in front of the camera or in a studio I feel alive, it feels like I matter to the world, and through that I want to make a difference.” – Mzlle Emmy

Photography by Michel Keppens

Interview with Mzlle Emmy from MOLL Magazine May 2018 Issue

Movie of the moment? I don’t go often to the movies but I my favorite story for the moment is Reign, it’s about Mary of Scotland, very intriguing.

Music you relax and enjoy? I rather have an eclectic choice of music, for the moment I listen a lot to Trey Songs, my favorite is #1 fan.

Most recent book/novel you read that intrigued you? The books that intrigued me the most are the Fifty Shades trilogy, not recent but still actual with films made of the first two novels.

You love food, what would be your perfect food menu of choice for the day? Indeed, I love food and I’m very fond of sushi. But when it’s cold, and yes, it’s freezing cold and wet in Belgium, I love to eat a good stew with French fries or Italian if you invite me.

Recently, you toured Paris France and the Netherlands, what is the one thing on tour you will always have with you in your travel bag? I’m a very connected lady and I always have several chargers with me. I cannot live with the fact that my fans would be without any news from me.

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Favorite Lingerie to wear? I love to wear black lingerie. I find it very sexy. I feel very confident when I’m wearing sexy lingerie. I think it is the definition of feminism.

What would be your top tip as a makeup adviser for models these days? Most important is to work the skin, hydrate and protect first before putting a foundation, or work the dark circles under the eyes.


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Goals or dreams you want to accomplish? My dream is not to become a star but an icon as Marilyn Monroe.

Favorite photographer that you worked with or want to work in future? Every photographer has his own personality and shows me at my best. Therefore it’s difficult to say who’s my favorite. Although the photographer I would love to work with Dan Hecho for he’s one hell of an artist. Him taking pictures of me, on the for me ultimate locations like Times Square, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty would make my career as a model.

Words to our readers/ fans? Believe in your dreams and never do something you don’t want to do, not even if people offer you the moon and the stars.