Stacey Rios | MOTY is back with a bang

Just over three years ago we began our Model of the Year crowning tradition, better known as MOTY. Stacey was the very first Model of the Year for us here at MOLL. Since then we have featured Stacey to our pleasure several times, she has become a talent ambassador recruiting new models, and in 2017 will begin to take the place of our Snapchat Editor on Social Media so be sure to follow us MOLLMagazine on Snapchat.

Most recently Stacey appeared on 100.7 The Viper with Danielle Dawn Matusak, Alexis Krystal and Kaitlin Kopp to promote the MOLL Magazine Midwest 2017 Calendar. Shot by Lady Ashley Photography, Stacey’s Miss July pictorial is a playful, creative yet sensuous feature.

Stacey on being in the Calendar

“I loved shooting it! Ashley Salazar coordinated a sleepover for all the girls, which was a blast! I am also Miss July, which is my birth month. I am a total sun bunny! I also love how MOLL does a lot of work for Breast Cancer Awareness & fundraising for the American Cancer Society.”

How did you get started into modeling?
Being a performing musician sort of naturally led me into modeling work. There is a lot of promotion & photography & video work involved in being a working band so I was always getting my picture taken or doing promotions. I took a few opportunities that were offered to me & caught the bug to keep doing it!

Where have you been featured?
Mollmag & mollmags SA are my home bases. I have also been featured with Esquire Latinoamerica, H Para Hombres, Coma Magazine, TE Magazine, Gemini June Moon, Babes of MMA, promotions with international playboys, & several others!

Who have you worked with?
Ashley Salazar, Jerry Steele, Michael Abrams, Tom Ricks, Steve Yancey, June D’Angelo, & several commercial photographers as well!

What do you hope to achieve in your modeling career? 
The first goal is always self improvement. Beyond that, I love hosting events & emceeing. I think hosting a show or red carpet would be a dream job!

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
Performing in front of the camera. I also love the endless creative possibilities & chance to collaborate with people.<

Ultimate Dream Photo-Shoot?
Anything on a beach lol or BC Rich guitar promotions would be awesome!

Tell us about you, our readers want to get to know you…
I love animals! Feed a stray! I also play several instruments & love music theory. I’m super goofy. Oh, & I can tie shoelaces in a bow tie with my toes lol<

What are your plans for 2017?
Expand my band experiences & branch out to some different modeling styles & publications. I do a lot of event work & already have some huge events I’m working on. I live for summer & pool time lol…I’m also planning some trips!

Dreams/Personal Goals
I want to write more songs, do more recordings. My career is personal to me, there is nothing I’d rather do than play music & model or any type of performance.

You hobbies and why they are special to you
I love social media! Snapchat (@staceymrios) & periscope (@modelstaceyrios) are my favorites right now, fb, IG, Twitter-they keep us all connected to our long distance family & I have made friends with people all over the world!

What’s on your personal playlist in your life?
Everything from Vivaldi to Ella Fitzgerald, Nightwish, The Damned, Paul McCartney, Flume, The Kungs, Lady Gaga, St Vincent, Berlin, Sisters of Mercy, Blondie, The Ramones- its a pretty wide variety lol

If you could change something in the world what would it be?
I would give all animals a good home!

Your favorite Holiday? Why?
Any holiday with my friends & family is a good one! I catch holiday spirit every time lol

Things that are special to you?
Family & friends, fur babies, my instruments & books.

What do you do for fun?
Hit the gym, dance with my friends, go to shows-Symphony, metal, EMD, whatever sounds good, play on my social media channels!

Lastly anything you want to say to our readers?
Sure! Drop by any of my social media channels to say hi! Help an animal, you may be the difference that helps them to survive. Support your favorite musicians and artists. Pick up a MOLL calendar & help us support a great cause! You only get one life, so do what you love!

Variety is the spice of life!